12 benefits of Aloe vera for your health!

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Aloe vera plant

‘Plant of Immortality’, ‘Eternal Youth’, or ‘Elixir of Beauty’: these are just a few of the nicknames the aloe vera plant has been given over the centuries. Due to the medicinal properties of the sap of the plant, aloe vera has been used as a miracle cure for centuries in various cultures. For example, the plant would help with weight loss, curing a sunburn or preventing inflammation. So it’s high time to get to know this super plant a little better!

What is aloe vera?

Although aloe vera resembles a cactus with its blue-green, pointed, spiky leaves, it is actually a succulent plant. The plant grows mainly in sunny regions such as Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. In total there are about 300 different species, but the Aloe Vera Barbadensis has the strongest effect and is therefore the most often used.

Aloe vera is the gel-like substance from the leaves of the aloe vera plant ( Aloe barbadensis miller ). This plant resembles a cactus, but is related to the lily. The fresher and purer the gel, the more you can reap the benefits of the aloe vera plant.
The gel contains, among others, these substances:

  • Anthraquinone
  • Sterols
  • Lipids, enzymes and amino acids

These ingredients are very suitable for those who are looking for a supplement to supplement their daily diet to take care of their body. Especially if you add vitamin C to the supplement. The aloe vera plant is therefore surprisingly versatile.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera:

1. Improves your immune system

The amount of vitamins and minerals in the aloe vera gel strengthens the immune system. In addition, amino acids are replenished in the body, which gives the immune system a boost. As a result, the body is better protected against bacteria and viruses, making you less susceptible to, for example, the flu or a cold.

2. Boosts your metabolism

Drinking aloe vera juice provides more energy. This is because it stimulates the metabolism, which brings the energy balance back into balance. A good metabolism also ensures that calories are burned faster. This again has a positive effect on weight, which brings us straight to point 3.

3. Weight Loss

By drinking aloe vera you lose weight in a healthy and natural way. This is because it balances the metabolism. The lipid content is reduced, making it easier to burn fat.

4. Detoxifying effect

Aloe vera gel has a detoxifying effect, it ensures that toxins are removed from the body. This has a beneficial effect on health; Toxins cause acidification in the body. This can cause complaints such as headaches, fatigue, dull skin and a lifeless feeling. Aloe vera drink supports the cleansing system of the body so that toxins caused by free radicals can be better removed. The result of this is that physical complaints will decrease.

5. Balances Blood Sugar Levels

There is some evidence that aloe vera has properties to help balance blood sugar levels. In addition, it ensures healthy functioning of the kidneys and colon.

6. Helps with stomach and intestinal complaints

Drinking aloe vera gel can reduce stomach and intestinal complaints. It has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. The gel is well absorbed through the mucous membranes, so that it offers quick results.
It can also help with Crohn’s disease, which is caused by chronic inflammation of the intestines. Aloe vera reduces the inflammatory process and stimulates the healing of the intestines.

7. Reduction of Allergies

Because the immune system gets a huge boost from the use of aloe vera, allergies will eventually decrease. The gel of the aloe vera plant contains more than 200 active substances that benefit the human body.

8. Helps against bad breath

Bad breath can be very annoying, but aloe vera can also help with this. The advice is to mix 50 ml of aloe vera gel with 100 ml of water. Because it contains an anti-inflammatory component, it can relieve acid indigestion. This is often the cause of bad breath.
In addition, it reduces mouth ulcers and canker sores: the balance in the mouth is restored.

9. Reduces menstrual symptoms and boosts fertility

For women, aloe vera can provide relief from menstrual symptoms or to boost fertility. Aloe vera has a rejuvenating effect on the uterus making it an ideal drink for women.

10. Supports rheumatism and osteoarthritis

Rheumatism and osteoarthritis cause inflammation in and around the joints. This can cause a lot of pain and limit the ability to move. Aloe vera relieves inflammation, which will reduce pain, and it also ensures that joints do not wear out further.

11. More beautiful skin

Cream and gel based on aloe vera gel can provide a radiant skin. It stimulates the cell metabolism and the skin becomes more elastic so that you look younger again. The gel stimulates blood circulation and has a soothing and moisturizing effect.

12. Reduces Skin Problems

The gel is not only good for beautiful skin, it also ensures healthy skin. So important! It soothes and cools the skin making it a perfect gel to use for sunburn or burns. It provides instant relief. Aloe vera gel can also be used against skin problems such as eczema, wounds, acne, inflammation or swelling. By massaging the gel into the skin, the skin problems will decrease.

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