Benefits and harms of coriander

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Coriander is also called Chinese parsley and cilantro, all of these species belong to the same plant. Today, coriander is used everywhere, from cooking to cosmetology. Therefore, many people are interested in what benefits or coriander can bring. Let’s think everything is fine.

The composition of coriander and its effect on the body

  • The coriander contains a lot of vitamin P, which has a positive effect on the activity of blood channels. This element opens the cerebral vessels, stimulates blood flow, fights senile dementia. The effect on neurons improves the concentration of attention, memory, visual perception and other vital functions. With vitamin P deficiency, a person faces diarrhea and dermatitis.
  • Coriander boasts a high content of vitamin K, which is responsible for the coagulation of blood and its circulation. This substance is essential for rapid healing times and overall tissue regeneration.
  • Vitamin E is also called tocopherol. It belongs to the natural antioxidants, whose main task is to protect internal organs from free radicals. Vitamin E also regulates fertility by positively affecting the reproductive system.
  • The most valuable “inhabitants” of Coriander are B vitamins. There are many of them in coriander, so it is difficult to exaggerate the value of the plant. Pyridoxine, thiamine, choline, folic acid, vitamin B5 are isolated from vitamins. All are responsible for specific functions and are therefore essential.
  • Coriander contains vitamin A or retinol, which has fat-soluble properties. This natural antioxidant also has a positive effect on the condition of the hair and skin.

Benefits of coriander

  • There are esters in the coriander, thanks to which the plant has a pleasant aroma. These oils are responsible for the proper functioning of the intestine, improving its mobility and microflora. Coriander increases the absorption of valuable substances through the walls of the esophagus, so that a person can eat food in above-average volumes without fear.
  • Coriander has an anthelmintic effect. It must be consumed by adults who face such a delicate problem as helminths and other parasitic worms.
  • Coriander is prescribed for admission to the categories of people who suffer from low stomach acidity and poor metabolism. Coriander stimulates the production of gastric juice, thereby increasing the absorption of food.
  • The main value of coriander lies in its ability to cleanse the body of toxic substances and bad cholesterol. On this basis, cancer and atherosclerosis are prevented.
  • Pectin is present in coriander. This important ingredient is essential for people who have recently undergone serious surgery / illness and therefore lost their appetite. The product has a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system and especially on the kidneys.
  • Coriander is recommended for consumption by people who naturally suffer from low immunity. Coriander increases protective functions and helps the body fight viral infections in the offseason. Coriander also replaces the lack of nutrients due to the lack of vitamins.
  • The plant has analgesic properties. In this context, it is often added to drugs aimed at alleviating unpleasant symptoms.
  • Incoming B vitamins improve the condition of the nervous system. Coriander must be eaten by one who suffers from frequent fatigue, apathy, depression and lethargy. Coriander improves a person’s psycho-emotional environment.

Benefits of coriander for men

  • Representatives of the strong half of the population are more often than women exposed to negative factors. Men older than 45 years are at risk of heart disease. Coriander prevents possible abnormalities in the functioning of the main muscle.
  • Coriander has long been used as a means to increase efficiency and increase reproductive activity. Coriander prevents prostate disease and increases libido in men.
  • Coriander is a natural aphrodisiac, so it is added to foods to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The plant increases sexual attraction and sexual activity.
  • Tincture with coriander preserves youth. It is useful to rub it into the heads of men who face massive hair loss (alopecia), the appearance of bald spots and bald spots. The composition increases the flow of blood to the light bulbs and revives them.
  • Men addicted to alcohol and tobacco should consume coriander seeds. You can easily remove ethyl alcohol from the body, cleanse the liver of toxic substances, and facilitate the work of the respiratory tract.
  • Coriander is the main stimulator of the immune system. Doctors recommend using the it in the winter to reduce the likelihood of influenza and SARS.

Coriander treatment

Coriander can cure hemorrhoids. To prepare the broth, mix cassia leaves, sea buckthorn, yarrow, coriander and licorice roots in equal proportions. Brewing plants with a calculation of 250 ml. boiling water is a spoonful of raw materials. Insist that take at least 125 ml in the evening for at least 3 hours.

To remove excess bile from the body, make tea. Mix three-leaf, coriander and canola cumin in a ratio of 3: 1 to 4.250 ml. boiling water represents a tablespoon of this mixture. The infusion is kept under the lid for about 4 hours, then filtered and taken cold three times daily for 100 ml. It is advisable to make a reception one third of an hour before meals.

Coriander is a great antidepressant. To alleviate excessive arousal, normalise sleep and eliminate fatigue, prepare tea from the fruits of the plant. Take 100 ml. vodka spoon raw material. Insist on the crescent moon, then filter and take 45 drops daily (divide the total volume into several portions).

Coriander with weight loss

Coriander has been shown to help people cope effectively with various diseases associated with the digestive system. Greenery perfectly eliminates constipation.

Eating coriander regularly helps prevent bloating and diarrhea in the intestines. Coriander sometimes increases the work of intestinal motility. Nutritionists insist that vegetables should be included in the diet of anyone trying to lose more pounds.

Coriander is perfectly absorbed into the body and removes toxins. Keep in mind that the use of spice herbs for weight loss should be under the strict supervision of a professional. Otherwise, you risk the opposite effect.

The undoubted advantage of coriander is that it helps the intestines digest food faster, thus speeding up the natural metabolism. As a result, most food is not delayed and is not stored in the form of greasy layers.

Forget the severity and discomfort of the stomach. If you look at the greens on the other side, it is important to understand that coriander occasionally increases appetite. Therefore, consume the product carefully and in moderation.

Benefits of coriander for women

  • Coriander can be invaluable for fair sex. Thanks to a group of B vitamins, women are transformed and regain their former beauty.
  • Eating coriander regularly improves the quality of nails, skin and hair. Teeth and bones also strengthen.
  • Women have been shown to have greater sleep problems than men. Coriander will help with such complexity.
  • The unique composition of the plant normalises the activity of the nervous system and solves the problem of insomnia. Coriander also strengthens the immune system and supplies energy to the body.

Benefits of coriander during pregnancy

  • Numerous studies have shown that coriander is useful both during pregnancy and in preparation for pregnancy. The positive effect affects men and women.
  • Regular intake of coriander helps to effectively cleanse the blood of various harmful substances. The plant removes heavy metals and salts from the body. Eating the product is especially recommended for people who live in megacities.
  • During pregnancy, coriander helps prevent severe swelling, which often affects expectant mothers. Greens also have a strong diuretic effect. In addition, coriander helps to cleanse the kidneys well. The positive effect is achieved thanks to essential oils.
  • Coriander is saturated with phytoestrogens, which suppress the depressive state and severe emotional overload. A vegetable-based salad with the addition of greens will help recharge the batteries and significantly increase the mood of the pregnant girl.
  • Among other things, the plant is often used to improve the skin. With the help of coriander, there are many recipes for tightening and rejuvenating the epidermis. Consumption of greens has a positive effect on milk quality during lactation. Caution, the product may cause allergies in the child.

Harms due to coriander

It is important to understand that coriander is a relatively unique herb. In some cases, individual intolerance has been reported in humans. Coriander is saturated with essential oils, which can cause an allergic reaction.

If you have not tried coriander yet, start researching the product with a small amount. Watch the body’s reaction, in case of any deviations stop the consumption of the plant immediately. Seek medical attention if necessary.

Please note that the daily dose of grass should not exceed 40 grams. Otherwise, health problems cannot be prevented. During breastfeeding and pregnancy, consult a specialist in advance. Maybe coriander will be banned for entry during such a period.


Coriander has many useful properties and a relatively rich chemical composition. If you consume the product wisely, you can significantly improve your health and improve your well-being. If you have deliberately chosen to overcome this disease with coriander, do not forget to consult an expert. Do not treat yourself, otherwise you risk worsening the situation.

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