Honey and its fantastic health benefits

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When you say honey, everyone probably imagines something different. Some will remember the grandmother who did the best honey delicacies you have always looked forward to, while others will remember a period of illness when they can’t afford tea with honey.
Be that as it may, honey is a very good helper, not only in the kitchen. It can sweeten everything you need and it is even a little healthier than the classic white sugar, which you certainly have a lot at home. How’s the honey?

Thick sweet liquid

Yes, honey is a thick, sweet and sticky liquid made up of bees. It is a natural sweetener that is in many ways better than classic white sugar. Honey has its specific taste, many individuals prefer it. It can be added to various doughs, to baking creams. However, it has antibacterial properties, so, among other things, it can also help very well with colds and diseases. It is often added to various creams and face masks, as it has moisturizing abilities and maintains water in the skin.
Honey has been used for an estimated eight thousand years and is one of the best and most valuable medicines in natural medicine. Are you looking for a reason to include it in your diet? Why prefer to put it in tea instead of sugar? Honey really has a lot of great properties and to name them all, the article will not end. We bring at least a few positive benefits that honey can offer your body.

Hydration for your skin

Honey is a great moisturizer that can help when your skin is dry, itchy or has acne. It has a moisturizing effect that is attributed to sugar molecules that help maintain water in the skin. Met can be used immediately, just after a warm shower, which will help you open the pores, apply a thin layer of honey. Leave on for twenty minutes and then rinse gently. The skin will be beautifully soft, hydrated and fresh.

Hangover symptoms are reduced

In the evening you overdid it a bit with alcohol and therefore woke up to a somewhat harsher morning? Headache, dry mouth, discomfort and desire to lie down and sleep again. The hangover is not exactly twice as pleasant as we can talk, everyone has experienced it. But did you know that honey is best for breakfast after a party? Researchers in England have found that honey can help get through a hangover better. The fructose found in honey can help disperse alcohol in the body more efficiently. Add honey to a drink or food.

A great source of antioxidants

The darker the honey, the more antioxidants it contains and these can help prevent cell damage. It is harmful substances that can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and the like. While this is a great benefit to the human body, keep in mind that honey is sweet and is considered an added sugar. Therefore, it is necessary to consume honey in moderation, ie one and a half tablespoons a day.

Cough medicine

Drinking tea or warm water with lemon is definitely important when you add honey to it, it’s a great way to help with sore throats. You can reduce sore throat, irritation and the like. Honey alone can also be a great and very effective medicine that can help treat an unpleasant cough. One study found that honey also provided very good relief to children who could not sleep due to coughing at night. Many parents do not allow honey, but it is necessary not to give honey to children under one year.

Helps heal wounds

Honey is a great helper in wound healing. A study published in 2011 shows that honey has beneficial properties that can help heal wounds. They support and stimulate tissue growth, increase epithelialization and minimize scarring. The clinical use of honey is in the treatment of wounds. This is a really great tool that is used for this purpose. Just apply the honey to the wound and leave it on for a while, or apply to the wound, add a sterile dressing and secure. Leave on, calm even overnight.

5 key benefits of honey for our health

These are the five key health benefits of honey.Honey is a natural source of energy
1.Honey is a great natural source of carbohydrates.

Honey is a great natural source of carbohydrates. that give our body strength and energy. It is suitable for an immediate increase in performance, endurance and reduction of muscle fatigue. Glucose from honey is quickly absorbed by the body and is a fast source of energy, while fructose is absorbed more slowly and provides more lasting energy. Honey has also been found to keep blood sugar levels relatively stable compared to other sugar sources.

So the next time you go jogging, have a spoonful of honey.

If you feel exhausted, do not reach for an energy drink but try honey.

When you find that your children have come tired from school, prepare a honey drink or bread with honey. And for optimal sleep and regeneration, give them a teaspoon of honey before bed. They will definitely not mind.

2.Honey is a booster of immunity
Honey is an effective booster of the immune system due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Every morning, stir a teaspoon of honey and half a lemon juice in a cup of warm water and drink this drink before breakfast.

3.Honey is anticarcinogenic
Honey has anticarcinogenic and antitumor effects There are currently more and more studies pointing to the role of honey in the prevention and treatment of tumors and cancer.

4.Honey keeps the brain in shape
Studies have shown that honey has antioxidant and therapeutic properties that counteract cognitive decline and dementia and strengthen the cholinergic system of the brain.

5.Honey cures various diseases
Honey has been an effective remedy for many diseases and ailments for centuries. Sore throat and flu, colds, stomach pain, toothache, cracked heels, dry skin, acne, tired muscles, athletic foot, high cholesterol, stomach ulcers, poor blood circulation, eczema, etc.

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